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We're 3 rd generation farmers here at Barton Brook Dairy, working hard to keep our award winning heard of 120 milking cows.

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To bring you the best product, we like to use the most innovative farming practices. This had led to us installing a new milking parlour in our building for our lovely little herd their very own barn to relax and unwind in after a days grazing.  


Raw cows milk contains all 8 of your essential amino acids as well as proteins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy & happy. 

  • Many eczema & hey fever sufferers have found relief through drinking raw milk 

  • Contrary to popular belief the cream on our tasty raw milk is not fattening, it contains lots of goodness that your body needs & keeps you fuller for longer which can actually helping weight loss

  • Raw milk is full of beneficial bacteria that keep your tummy healthy. 

  • Most importantly of all, raw milk tastes delicious!

Our raw milk and raw milk milkshakes are available to buy straight from the farm!

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over 30 Flavours 


What else we make

Ice Cream & Scoops
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